The quality of Beyer pianos has remained unchanged since Beyer founded the company in 1995.Being the highest quality instruments available today means that an extreme amount of care is used in selecting the raw materials.

The “just in time” philosophy in use by other manufacturers is not acceptable at Beyer. As long as three years may pass from the first cut of wood to the final official inspection prior to delivery of the instrument to the customer. The Beyer signature on each instrument is there to guarantee this high quality of perfection.

Wood is the primary material used in making a Beyer piano and therefore it is most important that the proper selection is made that is suited for each function.

Various woods are obtained from many countries of the world. Each species requires different processes of curing. The hardwoods, from which the foundation of the instruments are made may require several years of air drying and maturing before they can be milled and formed into components.

Other important factors are the closeness of the annular rings and the condition of the soil and vegetation, which influences the mineral and electrolyte content. Both pine and red beech are used in the main construction of Beyer pianos. Each species serves a special need.


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